Lisa Interiors offer dynamic and innovative interior design solutions to spaces ranging but not limited to homes, offices and hotels. Whether newly built or a space that requires transformation, we create excellent interiors up to par with the needs of the client. We recognize that a space should be designed to meet its requirements vis- a-vis function, comfort, aesthetics and style; and so we work with other professionals to ensure that every design fully reflects the brand of the client.


We are equipped with highly experienced professionals who design spaces yet to be inhabited or an existing space in need of a make-over including supply and delivery of furniture items, wall-floor-ceiling finishes and lighting.
We locally source for and internationally shop for interior elements, fixtures and furnishings that enable an easy move-in for occupants. These include; window treatments, electronics, art, home accessories, wall décor and other decorative items.
Collectively as a group of professionals, We consult on spatial arrangements, material specifications and how to make the most of any space at any given scale and in all sectors.
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O.ND, B.Sc, M.FA
'Polola Oladipo, founder of Lisa Interiors is an interior design professional with an extensive experience in exploring the relationship between architecture and the built environment - interior & exterior, through the discourse of design.

Nigerian born in 1987, 'Polola studied Architecture at the Obafemi Awolowo University before moving to New York in 2015 to attend New York School of Interior Design for a post-professional degree in Fine Arts. 'Polola founded Lisa Interiors (LI) in 2012 and completed their first project, Onilu Prime Shop, an electronics retail store at the Independence Hall, University of Ibadan in 2013. In the pursuit of professional prowess, 'Polola worked with Svengali Designs Ltd in 2014 in the capacity of a Project Architect on a number of clientele projects ranging from hospitality, commercial, residential to government sectors. Svengali Designs Ltd served as a launching pad that offered a vast amount of exposure and experiences in project management and service delivery.

'Polola offers creative oversight to the design team, ensuring every design professional is in rank and sync with the desired outcome of every project – that is, delivery of excellent interior design solutions tailored to meet each clients' needs and brand identity.
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Here are some of the people we have sailed with, offering services ranging from design, project management to move in of occupants.



In a world full of options, here are some of the feedbacks from our returning clients.

  • Biggie
    Good one the study! We like it!
    Head Of Digital Skills For Africa - Google
  • Oyeyinka Oluokun
    I just love what you do; no one does it like Lisa Interiors. Lisa Interiors did my house nine years ago and renovated it two years ago. I wake up to see what I love everyday... Welldone Lisa!
    Oyeyinka Oluokun
    Chef, Le Cordon Bleu, Paris
  • Pastor Isaac Oke
    "Thank you a million times. You are a miracle worker!
    Pastor Isaac Oke
    House of Wonders, Christ Life Church, Lekki, Lagos
  • Femi Adepoju
    Just to say Thank You for the wonderful and transformational work you and your team did at Bigibet office. I saw what it was before you started and was truly amazed at the final outcome!
    Femi Adepoju
  • Kunle Ogidi
    Very nice job! The aesthetics is just so amazing. Welldone!
    Kunle Ogidi
    Brand Manager, Heineken

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The Future of Work - Post COVID 19

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We have introduced ourselves and we assume you’d like to have us as a companion in your design processes. Now, let’s talk about you.